Baltimore American Indian Center

Board of Directors


The Board of Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to the Baltimore American Indian Center to ensure that the center is operated in compliance with the law, corporate policy and fairness. There a total of nine seats on the board of directors. Three directors are elected annually by the members of the center for a three year term, with a potential full turn over in a three year period (excepting resignations). The board of directors may appoint individuals to occupy vacancies on the board of directors.







Linda Cox           Chair

Juan Boston        Vice Chair

Dennis Seymour  Secretary

Jovina Chavis      Treasurer

Dellie James

Howard Hunt

Gary Hunt

Frieda Minner


Museum Board

Dennis Seymour     Chair

Dellie James           Vice Chair

Ashley Minner         Secretary

Frieda Minner          Treasurer

Stephanie Molholt


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